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Ella Baudinet is an Australian artist, currently living and creating art in the city of Melbourne. Known for her unmatched style of oil painting, Ella’s work explores a merging of abstraction, realism and surrealism. The artist continues to explore how technology can expand her painting practice while using the expression in aid of healing and wellness. 


“The unity of the mind, body and spirit are at the very heart of my work. Painting continues to be an exploration into my own journey of healing and discovery, documenting the evolution of Self through the process. Art, as an expression, is like a flowing dance between conscious and subconscious, and in turn the paintings often serving as a mirror both to myself and to those who engage with them. My healing and art practices are intertwined - one cannot exist without the other. At its core, my work is an expression of duality, an invitation to reconcile with the conflicting aspects within, while celebrating the power of love as a transformative force. 


In 2014 I had a vision of my future work. It was incredibly refined, abstract, yet surreal. Deeply spiritual. Through an act of impatience after years of attempting to reach that vision through intuitive painting, I began to use technology as a way of fast tracking my creative process. I started to create and complete my images digitally before laying any paint down. This opened up a whole world of potential. Digitally, the intuitive process was confined to a very safe environment for experimentation. I could quickly navigate composition, colour, focal points. I can’t even imagine how much time it would have taken me to get there manually through layers of dried paint and failed attempts. Now, I’m in an beautiful, healthy flow with my work and thrilled to be fulfilling my vision.


I believe it is paramount for creatives to explore the potentiality of new mediums, especially technology. Painting will always be my true love and therefore will always have a place in my practice, however it is thrilling to expand that into unknown spaces. I am currently surrendering further into this space of allowing technology to support my vision.” 

- February 2023

Ella has developed a strong connection with clients and galleries over the past 7 years of working as a full time artist. Her work is hung in private collections worldwide, predominantly in Australia, United States and United Kingdom. 

Between Skins Rsz.jpg

S E L E C T  E X H I B I T I O N S 
&  N O T A B L E S 

May 26 -July 11 2023 - Solo exhibition "Embodied Visions" and Artist Residency at the prestigious London Gallery, The ARX. The show will feature 20+ original artworks by the artist. The ARX is a monumental space in the heart of Knightsbridge, neighbouring Harrods. The four story gallery has perviously exhibited works by Banksy, Andy Warhol, Shepard Fairey, Damien First and KAWS. 


July - August 2022 - Two month Artist Residency at The ARX London, creating work for the 2023 solo exhibition,

May 2022 - Four original artworks featured in ‘Behind The Canvas’ group show at The ARX in London, alongside Raine Storey, Sigurdur Olafsson, Maria Jose Benvenuto, Fernando Gaspar and Lucas Thorik.


February 2022 - Solo exhibition ‘Duality’ at West End Art Space, in the artist’s hometown of Melbourne. The near sellout show consisted of 16 original artworks.


May 2021 - Artwork featured on the cover of Northlane’s acoustic album, 2D. Northlane is one of Australia’s leading hardcore bands, and the album has over 1,300,000 streams on Spotify. 


April 2019 - Novotel Ibis Melbourne Central commissioned the artist for twelve original paintings, including a 5m x 2m original in Floyd’s Bar. Other works can be found in Pretty Boy Floyd’s Italian Steakhouse, and in the hotel’s meeting rooms and hallways. These works are part of the hotel’s permanent collection. 

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