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The Lovers rsz.jpg

T H E  L O V E R S


Timed Release Print limited to two weeks only

Ends December 7th

Can you see The Lovers? Embedded in the details of this artwork are the Greek mythological lovers, Cupid and Psyche. 


I began this artwork after an intense period during the completion of Antithesis last year - you can read more about it here. After the completion of a challenging season came a great calm and open space. With no immediate projects ahead for the first time in 18 months, I fell deeply back into presence, love, connection with self and spirit. In my meditations during this time I saw vivid visions of what I can only describe as pure love. 


“Today I’m thinking about love. 

The many dimensions of ourselves that love brings awareness to. 

The purity and innocence yet fearlessness of love. The unapologetic devotion. 

How when we are full of love, it pours out of us. It is felt and absorbed by those in our presence. 

It melts our hardened facets. 

It makes us full and whole because really, love is our default setting. 

We all have love within. 

Life often has a way of distracting us from it, but there’s a comfort in knowing it’s always, always there to come home to. And each time we do, it strengthens and intensifies. 

I’m not necessarily talking about romantic love, but love as a whole. 

Love as the soul.”



When I ask if people can see Psyche and Cupid, it seems most cannot. What initially frustrated me, has given me a newfound appreciation for the artwork. It calls for deep presence. It demands your curiosity. And when you discover the love hidden within, it shares with you it’s secrets. The original artwork is larger than life at 2m x 3m, because love truly engulfs us. Surrounds us, always. Takes us into her arms. All we need to do is remember. 


I have poured so much into this artwork, working to express these meditation visions, as if I am the messenger to bring them to you. It's taken me the most part of a year to finally finish it, while a part of me never wanted to. 


This is an artwork about love. In every sense of the word.


Available in sizes A3, A2 & A1

Print only and framing options

Framing options available for all prints

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