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Tempest 48_ x 60_ Oil on canvas RSZ.jpg




Timed Release Print limited to two weeks only

Ends December 7th

Tempest was created for my 2023 solo exhibition in London. How often do you observe your thoughts, and which ones do you identify with? Our inner dialogue is often a battleground. Different beliefs competing for our attention, conscious self and unconscious self dancing together day and night. Our minds are often turbulent, especially living in time where we take in more information in a day than our ancestors did in an entire year. It can be difficult to distinguish what is our own when we don’t often allow ourselves much time for reflection. 


Tempest is about the duality of these thoughts. To know one, you must understand the other. A positive cannot exist without a negative. We often compare one thing to its opposite in order to make sense of our world - two sides of the same coin. To understand something as hot, we must comprehend cold. All truths are but half truths, and all things exist in a state of paradox. We do, however, have autonomy in deciding which perspective to take when observing things.


Mindfulness is something that has helped me identify my own thoughts, choosing to observe a storm if I feel it brewing and calming it. The mind leads us in different directions, away from presence, away from our true nature. It’s something that has to be tamed if we are to find peace within ourselves. 

Available in sizes A3, A2 & A1

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