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Timed Release Print limited to two weeks only

Ends December 7th

Revive is a commissioned painting based on my artwork The Lovers, which you can read more about here.

Many artwork’s only make sense to me upon their completion. Staring at this artwork in my studio, I realised it represents reincarnation. Birth, life, death, repeat. Whether you take this as literal reincarnation or not, we go through many births and deaths during our lives. Each day we wake is like a new birth, or as we enter new chapters in life. A new job, new home, new relationship. There is a grieving process to all endings, but on the other side is an expanded version of life. To me, this painting reads clockwise in its cycle. You may find your own associations with it, and every conclusion is valid. 


As an artist, we have limited time to develop our work as far as it will stretch in this lifetime. I think this is often why we see artist’s best work at the end of their life, a rush to imprint their visions on the world. However, death is never the end of the soul’s true journey.


Revive is the channeling of heaven’s energy, one we have access to in any moment we choose. In it’s creation I envisioned the feeling of spiritual fulfilment. Birth, life, death, repeat. 

Available in sizes A3, A2 & A1

Print only and framing options 

Framing options available for all prints

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