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Reverie 48_ x 60_ Oil on canvas RSZ.jpg




Timed Release Print limited to two weeks only

Ends December 7th

Reverie was created for my 2023 solo exhibition in London. This was the second last artwork to complete in this collection, nearing the end of a year long project. I was struggling to maintain momentum during such an intensive period leading up to deadline while working long isolated days. I needed a light hearted distraction, a playful escape. While painting this artwork I listened to the audiobook of The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton, my favourite story from childhood. As adults, we often forget the mystique of fantasy and the wonders of the imagination. If we allow ourselves to daydream a little more often, take time away from the world that competes for our attention every day, we remember the magic. Sometimes I believe we dream for this reason, to retire us from the logic and sensibility of modern life and remind us of the fun in non-sense. I saw the imagery of this book form in the painting, and believe in some way I had already anticipated the two coming together in these moments. My brush was working in autopilot, while my mind was exploring lands in the clouds. 

Available in sizes A3, A2 & A1

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Framing options available for all prints

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