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Timed Release Print limited to two weeks only

Ends December 7th

Birth was at the origin of the expansion of my painting practice in 2021. It was the second artwork created utilising technology to assist in the process of my painting, by designing the imagery digitally before starting the actual physical artwork. Before this, I had been painting intuitively for many years. This painting lead the way for a body of work I’m still exploring today. It was the first artwork in which I saw a vision I had in 2014 come to life, the vision of what my future work would look like. I tried to reach this vision by painting intuitively for may years until I discovered a way to fast track it with the help of tech. I think it's important for artist's to explore the potential of new technologies, however physical painting will always be my true love.


 Birth is very close to my heart, as it was the first of many to come.

Available in sizes A3, A2 & A1

Print only and framing options 

Framing options available for all prints

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