Ella Baudinet is a Melbourne-based artist working with private and commercial clients worldwide. 


She has sold and installed artworks internationally, with some of her most notable works residing in places such as the Novotel Ibis Melbourne Central, The Other Art Fair in Melbourne, a number of group and solo exhibitions including Eastgate and Chapman and Bailey, as well as collaborations with interior designers such as Alexander Pollock and Spinzi design. Her passion and success has been recognised a number of times by winning and shortlisting in prizes. 


Primarily known for her abstract expressionist oil paintings, Baudinet’s work connects the space between conscious and subconscious thought, provoking emotions, associations, memories, spiritual connections and philosophical reflection within her viewers. Her artworks possess a duality in their very nature.

Baudinet’s creative process is akin to Buddhist philosophy, leveraging painting as a form of meditation and transformation. Her artworks are awe-striking visual memoirs of the journey through this transformative process. Profoundly inspired by natural elements, her work is organic in movement. This, alongside her history in photorealistic painting, contribute greatly to her unique style and reflect her creative and spiritual journey.


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